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Castle Farm offers many different services to the Triangle area.

Sophie May riding Cheyenne, instructed by Heather King
(Photo by Chris King)


Castle Farm offers riding lessons for children and adults from beginning to advanced levels of expertise. Lessons are given in:

We are currently offering private and semi-private lessons. Lessons are offered by an experienced instructor at a private farm that is convenient to the Triangle area. Castle Farm supplies lesson horses to its students. However, students who want to bring their own horses for lessons are also welcome.

For current rates or a list of references, please email us.

Here is what students of Castle Farm have to say:

"[I don't think] that a childhood/adulthood dream would have come true without Castle Farm and [Heather King]. Not to mention the bond created between my daughter and myself through horses and showing, and all the practical horse keeping knowledge gained too!" - Lois M.

"[Heather King] introduced me to a world that I'll never be able to live without! The years I spent at Castle Farm will forever remain in my heart." - Elizabeth H.

"I really wanted to thank you for tonight's lesson. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it and while my legs were almost dead, I felt GREAT afterwards and feel like I have a lot of great homework to work on. I've loved the lessons I've had with you as I always walk away with some great things to work on that are applicable to any horse I hop on, which as an equestrian trying to make my way up, is very important to me." - Rebekah M.

"I just wanted to say thanks for all your help this past year and with Artemis! There have been some times where I have been frustrated in general with the situation and wondering if I made the right decision in buying a horse, but moments like last night make it all worth it :)" - Camille B.

"Devin now has 4 horses and is barrel racing! She just loves it and is doing fairly well - this will be her 2nd season of NBHA and IBRA racing. She also has a small group of students that she's giving lessons to at our home - she stored up a lot of knowledge that you passed on to her - I quite often hear the same phrases from her to her students, that you used with her!" - Gin L. her daughter Devin

"I just wanted to say thanks (again) for being such a great instructor for me. You're exactly who I was hoping to find, and you're great at what you do. I'm SO enjoying my lessons!" - Colleen S.

"Cassidy's lesson Friday was a lot of fun. Thanks for working so hard w/ her & being so patient." - Rena N. on her daughter Cassidy

"I am so appreciative of your patience with all my infirmities and lack of fitness and being willing to work with my crazy, ever-changing schedule!! I really think yesterday I showed off everything you have taught me - -I didn't have anything to be embarrassed about, which certainly would not have been the case a couple of months ago. BTW, neither my friend in VA last week, nor the girl yesterday said anything about my hands except good and quiet, so all the "nagging" (just joking!) obviously paid off. I am really pleased with what you have been able to accomplish with "baby steps" and by being encouraging and supportive instead of critical. That means a lot. I [am] particularly impressed with your emphasis on safety. I've ridden for years, but I still learned some new things from you!" - Tarrant B.

"I just wanted to thank you for everything that you do for [Dominique], and us. She came home last night on a high that I think will last for weeks. The "bench jump" was all she could talk about. Thank you for helping her achieve that joy and sense of accomplishment." - Gina M. about her daughter Dominique

"I also just wanted to let you know that you really set the bar for any instructor I've had since -- you really are an amazing teacher and there is no one quite like you!" - Trish S.

"Thank you for giving [Jenna] the opportunity [to ride]. I wish she could spend more time at the barn - she is learning so much about responsibility and focusing, but to her it is friendship and fun. What you offer at Castle Farm is so much more than riding lessons, and it makes a difference in these girls lives." - Sheryl L. about her daughter Jenna.

"I want you to know how pleased I am with your instruction. You do a great job with beginners. Thanks a lot for doing such a great job with her. She loves her lessons!" - Lynn W. about her daughter Aiden.

"The horses have always been so good for [Nicole] and she loves being around them. Maybe she will find friendship thru them too . I hope so. She really likes you alot and looks forward to going every week. I see more confidence in her. She is always happy when she gets in the car after her lesson." - Marianne O. about her daughter Nicole

"I talked to a few of your students and they raved about you and love your farm. Always a good sign. Thank you for letting us be a part of your passion, it shows and we look forward to you helping our daughter learn and experience the joy of horses." - Michael B.

"I am so happy she [Sofia] enjoyed today's [lesson] and I was very impressed with your stables, instruction and opportunity for young girls to learn responsibility while having fun!" - Camilla E.

"Castle farm itself is a beautiful setting! What is even more compelling is the wonderful work Heather does teaching the young riders! She is patient, encouraging, and very kind! It's definitely worth a visit!" - Maria D.

"We already found a few places she can keep riding. Honestly though, it still won't compare to your kind, gentle, confidence boosting methods of teaching. She is more confident now in so many things because of you." - Beth D. regarding her daughter Hannah and their move out of the state.

"[I] just wanted to say thanks for all you do for Ayla! She loves riding and she and I both really love Schuyler. You are a fantastic teacher and I'm enjoying watching her progress!" - Leigh Ann G.

Clarke Glendenning with Marti
(Photo by Chris King)


Castle Farm is dedicated to its students. One way to further the training given in lessons, as well as to improve the knowledge and self-esteem of students, is to participate in horse shows. Students of Castle Farm are invited to horse shows based on their level of training, particular interests, and other factors.

For examples of shows, please email us.

Here is what students have to say about showing with Castle Farm:

"We had a great time at the show and were thrilled with Madeline's success. It was so fun to watch her ride and see all she has learned in the arena and out. We appreciate your style of teaching and how patient and thorough you are with Madeline while she learns all these new skills and how you help us as we try and learn the ways of the horse riding/showing world :)" - Helen A.

Various children at a summer day camp, with Heather King
(Photo by Beverly Austin)


Castle Farm regularly holds horsemanship camps. These camps, held for both adults and children, teach folks the basics of horse care, history, biology, tack and equipment, and other aspects of horsemanship.

For more information on camps, please email us.

Here is what students have to say about camps at Castle Farm:

"What a great summer camp! I am so very happy we found Castle Farm and if I can ever write a recommendation for you, I am more than happy to! [And] sign us up for next year's summer camp!" - Camilla E.

Marti, longed by Heather King
(Photo by Chris King)


Castle Farm will also assist in the breaking, training, and conditioning of show or pleasure horses. Our trainer, Heather King, can help you with:

Here is what people have to say about the training at Castle Farm:

"[I] just had the most fabulous ride ever on Pixel. Can not even begin to put into words how thankful I am for Heather King and the training she did with Pixel!!!!!" - Jeremi C.

"[Lance] lunges very well in the big ring and has been good as gold. You did a great job in starting him. He is perfect in the cross ties and a perfect gentleman." - Suzin D.

"Bailey and I went on a hack in the fields Saturday and she [Cassidy] was a dream - happy to trot behind or side by side. No rushing and very calm. Bailey says she wishes we had one of her in every color! My daughter jumped her this weekend and thought she was fabulous. I have been able to ride her every couple of days and she is everything I hoped for. You did such a good job with her. Truly." - Liz L.

"Ellie is making great progress and [we are] really pleased with how you're working with her." - Janice F.

"The progress Ellie has made since coming to Castle Farm in Knightdale is beautiful. Ellie is transforming, and it is so incredible to watch! Just to see where she came from to now is stunning! This is what an amazing trainer can do for your horse." - Elena F.

"Ellie had a great session with [her chiropractor] this morning! She saw soooo much improvement since the first time she worked on Ellie. She was amazed at how Ellie looked and felt physically and how much she has transformed! She said your a lucky girl! I can tell she is in good hands with your trainer! Your trainer is doing an amazing job with Ellie! She is looking and feeling terrific!" - Elena F.

"Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put in to Ellie. I can't tell you enough how much it means to me! I can't wait to see more progress with her in the new year. You are by FAR the best trainer! Ellie is truly a lucky girl." - Elena F.

For current rates or a list of references, please email us.


Castle Farm has over 10 years of experience in buying and selling horses of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and qualities. If you need assistance in purchasing a horse for a specific need, whether you're looking for a high-quality jumper or a smooth trail horse for your child, our trainer can assist you with your purchase. Our trainer can also assist you with the preparation and sale of your horse, either at public auction or through our website. We can offer you space for pictures and descriptions of your sale horses.

Here is what people have to say about buying and selling horses at Castle Farm:

"I've just heard from Echo's new owner and seems he's doing super well in his new home. So nice to know they are a perfect fit and he's happy! Just wanted to share. Thanks so much for helping me find the perfect home for him! I think about him often and miss him and it makes me so happy to know he's bonding with his new girl!" - Jenna E.

For current rates or a list of references, please email us.

Sandi and Cassidy, watched by Heather King
(Photo by Chris King)

Foaling out

The birth of a foal is a momumental moment in a horse's life, both for the two horses involved and for those of us who are a part of that mare's life. It can also be a stressful and fearful time, especially if the humans or horses involved have little to no experience in foaling. Castle Farm has almost 10 years experience in breeding, pregnancy, delivery, and foal care. Castle Farm can provide a safe place for your mare to have her foal, surrounded by knowledgable staff members who know how things are supposed to go. We can offer mare board, monitoring, foal watch, and even wet mare care after the delivery.

For current rates or a list of references, please email us.

Jester, being imprinted by Heather King
(Photo by Chris King)


In the first few hours following birth, newborn foals can absorb more information than at any other time in their lives. They are more docile and willing to accept instruction at this time, as well. For these reasons, many horse owners and trainers elect to have imprinting sessions with their horses. Imprinting exposes the foal to many things that they will have to become used to in order to be effective and efficient as show or pleasure horses, including halters, feet manipulation, thermometers, clippers, loud and strange noises, and most importantly, human contact.

Castle Farm is unique in that it offers to imprint newborn foals as a service. Our trainer, Heather King, will meet with the owner and mare prior to the birth to get an idea of what imprinting techniques will be used and to explain the procedure. When the foal is born, Heather will come to the barn for an immediate session. That session should be followed up with further sessions to reinforce those initial lessons (Castle Farm recommends at least one week of imprinting sessions following birth). As an alternative, Heather can train the owner on how to imprint their own horse.

For current rates or a list of references, please email us.

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