Castle Farm Horse Alumni

(Photo by Katie Powell)
Name: Ararat
AKA: "Jasper"
Stats: 2011 Thoroughbred Gelding, 15.2 1/2hh
Owned by: Emily Powell
Major: lessons, eventing
Graduated: January 2018

Jasper came to Castle Farm as the first horse for Emily. He is a handsome horse with a lot of potential, but a bit young and inexperienced. Emily made the decision to move him closer to home so that she could spend more time with him, get to know him better and form a better bond with him. Hopefully, we will see them at some upcoming shows!

(Photo by Katie Hayes)
Name: Gypsy Diamond
AKA: "Gypsy"
Stats: 1998 pinto pony mare, 13.3hh
Owned by: Camille Sullivan
Major: lessons, dressage, jumpers, hunters, eventing
Graduated: May 2017
May 2007 Double D Hunter Show Short Stirrup Equitation Reserve Champion (with rider Jordyn Dunson)
May 2007 Double D Hunter Show Short Stirrup Hunter Champion (with rider Jordyn Dunson)
April 2010 Sharon Oaks Hunter Show Walk/Trot 12 & Under Reserve Champion (with rider Alexis Hartman)

Gypsy was at Castle Farm for a very long time. She first came here as the first horse for Katelyn McFetridge. Katelyn had been riding a while and was ready for her first horse, and she had her heart set on a black and white paint pony. It took a while to find the right one, but once she saw Gypsy, she fell in love! Katelyn rode and owned Gypsy for about 10 years before school and other activities got in the way of her riding, and she had to make the decision to sell her. Luckily for us, Katelyn sold Gypsy to another Castle Farm student - Camille. Camille had been in love with Gypsy for quite some time, and when the opportunity came up to own Gypsy, Camille was lucky enough to be ready to buy her. However, things always change over time, and Camille's family was able to purchase a farm where they could take Gypsy and have her at home. Gypsy will be missed by many Castle Farm students, but we know she is in good hands!

(Photo by Amanda Guffey)
Name: Princess Tiger Lilly
AKA: "Lilly"
Stats: 2010 Quarter Horse cross mare, 14hh
Owned by: Laura Hailey and Rachel Rubish
Major: lessons, hunters, pleasure horse
Graduated: March 2017

Congratulations to Henry MacLaurin and his two daughters on their purchase of Lilly! Lilly has moved to South Carolina to become a "first horse" for these two girls. They are so excited to finally have their wishes come true. We wish them all the best of luck!

(Photo by Gabrielle Navarro)
Name: Jazz
AKA: "Jazz"
Stats: 2008 Morgan/Arabian cross mare
Owned by: Katie Powell
Major: lessons, hunters, dressage, jumping
Graduated: August 2016

Jazz is one of Katie's many horses that has spent some time at Castle Farm. Katie has been trying to sell her, but meanwhile, she wanted Jazz to get some miles in a lesson program. Castle Farm was the perfect fit. Jazz has now moved on to be Katie's sister - Emily's new show partner. We wish them lots of luck!

(Photo by )
Name: Ziva
AKA: "Ziva"
Stats: 1998 Welsh/Thoroughbred cross mare
Owned by: Gabrielle Navarro
Major: lessons, dressage, jumping
Graduated: April 2015

Ziva has been a fun addition to Castle Farm's lesson program. Gabby, unfortunately, had to move her closer to where she lives. Although she was definitely not the easiest horse to ride and presented a lot of challenges, many of the students love her and will miss her.

(Photo by Emily Powell)
Name: Scout
AKA: "Scout"
Stats: 2010 Quarter Horse mare
Owned by: Katie Powell
Major: lessons, huntseat, dressage, jumping
Graduated: January 2015

Scout was Katie's first horse, but was always meant to be just temporary. Katie bought her as a project, but enjoyed her so much that she kept her longer than anticipated. Everyone that met Scout loved her! She has moved on to a new barn where I'm sure she will make lots of new friends and have lots of kids love all over her!

(Photo by Samuel Brown)
Name: Artemis
AKA: "Artemis"
Stats: 2000 Hanoverian mare
Owned by: Camille Brown
Major: lessons, dressage, jumping
Graduated: January 2015

Artemis is a sweet natured horse with a lot of spunk too! She came here with some issues regarding her manners and knowing how to behave around people, but once she learned the boundaries, she really tried to do her best every time. Unfortunately, Camille had to make the difficult decision to sell her so that she could go back to school. A wise decision, but definitely not an easy one. Artemis was purchased by Elizabeth Young, who is so excited to own her and start riding her. They will make a wonderful team, and we might even see them as we go out and about!

(Photo by Unknown)
Name: Bianca
AKA: "Bianca"
Stats: 1996 Quarter Horse mare
Owned by: Kelly Grimes
Major: lessons, huntseat, dressage, jumping
Graduated: October 2014
January 2014 Sharon Oaks Fuzzy Fun Show Hunter Division Reserve Champion (rider Char Reed)

Bianca is a sweet, although a bit lazy, horse with a beautiful face and eye catching color. She had been at Castle Farm for 2 years as a lesson horse. She was perfect for those who wanted or needed to take things a little slowly, since that's how Bianca rolls . . . very slowly :) She will definitely be missed by many at Castle Farm as she moves on to new pastures. We wish her lots of luck and hope that she continues to "take it easy"!

(Photo by Unknown)
Name: Me A Don Gemello
AKA: "Cloud"
Stats: 2009 Quarterhorse gelding
Owned by: Elizabeth Hilmar
Major: eventing, hunter or lesson horse prospect
Graduated: April 2012

Cloud was Lizzy's first horse. She acquired him by chance, but he quickly stole her heart. He had been born a twin, which is often fatal for horses. His twin sibling did not make it, but Cloud thrived despite the odds against him. Lizzy knew, when she got him, that he might have some troubles with his legs and joints as he grew due to his birth, and that he might not work out as a jumping horse, and that she might have to give him back. Unfortunately, Cloud did end up having some problems in his joints and Lizzy did have to give him back. Cloud had been in her life for only four months, but he definitely left his mark. Cloud was an adorable pony with a super sweet attitude and was always willing to do whatever you asked him to do. He will definitely be missed by Lizzy and the rest of us.

(Photo by Unknown)
Name: Max's Beautiful Babe
AKA: "Panda"
Stats: 2002 Paint mare
Owned by: Lauren Buslinger-Newman
Major: lessons, hunters, eventing
Graduated: December 2011

When Panda first came to Castle Farm about a year ago, she was fast, hard headed and LOVED to jump! She still loves to jump, but she has learned to slow things down a lot and listen to her rider. Her steering has improved a lot too :). Panda made tons of friends, both human and equine, during her short stay here at Castle Farm. She became quite a reliable horse and we will definitely miss her!

(Photos by Amanda Guffey)
Name: CF Baltic Royal Flush
AKA: "Cassidy"
Stats: 2005 Swedish Warmblood mare
Owned by: Heather King
Major: eventing
Graduated: August 2011
2005 NCDCTA Sport Horse Breeding Show Fillies of 2005 Champion
2005 NCDCTA Sport Horse Breeding Show Filly Champion (3 and under)
2005 NCDCTA Sport Horse Breeding Show SWANA High Scorer
2005 Cosequin USDF Breeder's Championship Series Finalist
2005 Swedish Warmblood Inspection Tour Class 1
June 2008 High Score Champion Shawnee Acres Dressage Show
2008 MacNair's Country Acres Year End Reserve Champion Intro level
2009 MacNair's Country Acres Year End 5th place Training Level Dressage (only competed 1/2 the year at this level)
2009 Fenridge Farm Beginner Novice Dressage Division 5th place (out of 32 horse and rider teams, with limited showing)
2011 MacNair's Country Acres Year End 3rd Place Beginner Novice Combined Training (only competed first half of year)
2011 NCDCTA Horse of the Year 6th place Beginner Novice Eventing (with limited showing)

Cassidy was born and raised at Castle Farm and lived here for 6 years. She was my by LA Baltic Sundance and out of Lusty Gambler, (aka Sandi). She was my first warmblood baby, and she was a great introduction! Cassidy and I worked our way from in hand classes, where we were invited to show at the prestigious Dressage at Devon, up to Beginner Novice eventing, where she won almost every time out, and we even got to taste First Level dressage at her last show (which she also won). Cassidy was an extraordinary partner, who really loved to compete and show off her stuff. I will miss her dedication and work ethic along with her beautiful face in the field. Cassidy was bought by Liz Long - a wonderful person who will take great care of her and get to enjoy all that Cassidy has to offer.

(Photo by unknown)
Name: Honey Nut Cheerio
AKA: "Cheerio"
Stats: 1990 Welsh/Quarter pony gelding
Owned by: Chelsea Tipton
Major: dressage, eventing, lessons
Graduated: December 2010

Chelsea first joined Castle Farm as a driving student, to learn something different. Shortly after she started lessons here, she moved Cheerio to Castle Farm so that she could enjoy riding him on our lovely cross country fences and take some lessons with him. It would also put him closer to school, since she would be at Meredith College. Cheerio is a fabulous pony full of spunk despite his age. We easily fell in love with him and he fit in around the farm wonderfully. We really miss seeing his white face in the field!

(Photo by unknown)
Name: Foreign Authority
AKA: "Emmett"
Stats: 1999 Thoroughbred gelding
Owned by: Jenna Evenson
Major: dressage, eventing, lessons
Graduated: May 2011

Emmett and Jenna came to Castle Farm about a year ago. Jenna had adopted Emmett from an off-track Thoroughbred horse rescue. Despite having won about $150K in race money, Emmett was very laid back and easy to ride. He quickly became a favorite around Castle Farm, especially with his quirky behavior. However, during his last couple of months here, he developed navicular syndrome and had to be returned to the adoption agency in New York. Emmett, and all his crazy antics, will definitely be missed!

11/30/11 - Update on Emmett - Jenna wrote to let us know that Emmett was adopted out again to a new home. Emmett was adopted by Debbie Stebbinos of Baldwinsville, NY. "Debbie has plans to trail ride Emmett alongside her husband Bruce and his Appaloosa gelding Cisco." Congratulations to both Debbie and Emmett!

(Photo and inset by Lois Mercer)
Name: Oktoberfest
AKA: "Clyde"
Stats: 2002 Thoroughbred/Clydesdale bay gelding
Owned by: Katie Toney
Major: Huntseat, dressage, lessons
Graduated: July 2010

When Clyde originally came to Castle Farm, he came as a new mount for Ashley Godfrey. She spent about a year with him, and brought him along very nicely with his dressage and jumping. However, he did not seem to enjoy the eventing world as much as the hunter world, so Ashley sold him to another student - Katie Toney. Katie was much more interested in the laid back lifestyle of hunters, and that fit Clyde to a T. Clyde was a nice, big gelding with a sweet temperament and very willing attitude. Katie and Clyde moved to a barn that would allow them to be closer to each other. We wish them the best of luck!

(Photo by Unknown)
Name: Fox Knoll Papermate
AKA: "Leo"
Stats:2003 AQHA gelding
Owned by: Carla Pinkerton
Major: pleasure riding, lessons, hunters
Graduated: July 2010

Leo originally came to Castle Farm as a resale project for his owner. After cleaning him up and working with him, Carla decided she couldn't bear to part with him. He is such a sweet fella and talented too! He had developed himself as a nice, quiet, hunter horse. Leo was learning to enjoy jumping and competing. After months of commuting long distance to visit and ride her horse, Carla decided to move him to a barn that is much closer to her home. I'm sure they are enjoying a lot more time together now.

(Photo by Unknown)
Name: Belle Sherri
AKA: "Bella"
Stats:1999 Thoroughbred mare
Owned by: Lisa Hines
Major: Eventing, lessons
Graduated: December 2009

Bella and Lisa came to Castle Farm on the recommendation of Neuse River Vet. Bella had spent some time as a racehorse in Pennsylvania, and then Lisa had bought her to event. When she came to Castle Farm, she was quite out of shape. As we started her on a conditioning program, a hidden lameness appeared. Due to further complications, Bella's conditioning ceased, and she spent several months lounging around in the pastures and gaining several horse and human friends. Eventually, circumstances beyond her control forced Lisa to move Bella back to her aunt's farm. She will definitely be missed!

(Photo by Unknown)
Name: Waltz With Me
AKA: "Wally"
Stats:2002 Thoroughbred/Oldenburg gelding
Owned by: Morgan Rodwell
Major: Eventing, lessons
Graduated: December 2009

Morgan had moved Wally to Castle Farm so that he could be closer to her as she attended NC State University. Go Pack!! Unfortunately, as things go for college students, it did not work out for her to be able to keep him here. She ended up moving him back home after only a short time here. Wally is a gorgeous horse with wonderful movement, who was well liked at Castle Farm. Hopefully, we'll see him again some time.

(Photo by unknown)
Name: Mandolin Rain
AKA: "Moose"
Stats: 1995 Hanoverian/Thoroughbred Bay Gelding
Owned by: Ashley Godfrey
Major: Dressage, combined training and eventing, lesson horse
Graduated: February 2008 (was given to a couple just outside Winston-Salem to live out his days with pasture buddies)

Moose was at Castle Farm for a couple of years. He came here to be sold, but we easily fell in love with him and he didn't leave right away as planned. Heather King bought him first, because he was such a nice addition to the lesson program. Then Ashley Godfrey fell in love and purchased him a few months later. She took him to several horse trials during the short time she had him, and they both had a lot of fun. Due to an injury, Moose could not be jumped anymore, so he had to be given away. He has a really good home, but we will definitely miss him.

(Photo by Chris Hawkins)
Name: Lexington
AKA: "Lex"
Stats: 1999 bay Mustang gelding
Owned by: Sydney Parks
Major: Lesson pony, dressage and eventing prospect
Graduated: October 2007 (moved to a farm closer to owner's home)
September 2006 Double D Hunter Show Reserve Champion Short Stirrup Equitation (with rider Jordan Rigsbee)
September 2006 Double D Hunter Show Reserve Champion Short Stirrup Hunter (with rider Jordan Rigsbee)
September 2006 Double D Hunter Show Reserve Champion Infant Hunter (with rider Heather King)

Lex came to Castle Farm for "behavior modification", and blossomed into a great lesson horse. He jumps 2', and is very easy going. While he was here, he went to several shows and definitely showed promise as a dressage pony. Sydney Parks (Lex's young owner) had been traveling to Castle Farm from Rocky Mount for several years. They recently found a farm much closer to their house and have relocated Lex there. We wish them both the best of luck!

(Photo and inset by the Shaw family)
Name: Bust-A-Move
AKA: "Buster"
Stats: 2000 Appaloosa/QH dark bay gelding
Owned by: Linda, Ellen, and Rachel Shaw
Major: The Shaw lesson horse
Graduated: December 2007
2006 Wake County 4H Horse Show Schooling Rider Reserve Champion (with rider Ellen Shaw)
2006 MacNair's Country Acres Intro Level Dressage Year End 3rd place (with rider Linda Shaw)
April 2007 Double D Hunter Show Special Beginner Equitation Champion (with rider Rachel Shaw)
April 2007 Double D Hunter Show Beginner Equitation Champion (with rider Rachel Shaw)
May 2007 Double D Hunter Show Beginner Equitation Champion (with rider Rachel Shaw)

Buster is the Shaws' personal horse. He was also a lesson horse for Castle Farm. We were always delighted by his antics both in and out of the field. He has lots of talent and potential for both the hunter and dressage rings. Hopefully, we will see him at some shows in the future!

(Photo and inset by "Pics of You")
Name: Jo Jo's Secret
AKA: "Jo"
Stats: 1998 APHA Chestnut Paint/Thoroughbred mare
Major: Dressage, combined training and eventing, english pleasure, driving
Graduated: Sept. 2007 (sold to Laurie Betts)
2002 Oak Ridge English Horse High Point Champion
2003 CVPHA Breeding Stock Paint Horse High Point Champion
2003 PAC certificate: English Pleasure
2004 PAC certificate: Dressage
2004 PAC Top 5: Dressage
2004 PAC Top 5: Combined Training
Sept. 2005 Brighton Stables Combined Training Champion
2005 Year-End MacNair's Country Acres Novice Combined Training Division Champion
2005 PAC Certificate of Achievement: Combined Training
2005 PAC Reserve Champion: Combined Training
2006 American Eventing Championship Qualifier: Beginner Novice level
2006 Year-End MacNair's Country Acres Novice Combined Training Division Champion
2006 NCDCTA HOY 4th place Senior Beginner Novice level eventing
2006 NCDCTA HOY 1st place Senior Combined Training
2006 PAC Certificate of Recognition: Eventing
2006 PAC Top 5: Eventing
2007 NCDCTA Horse of the Year - tied for 6th place in Training Level Eventing (limited showing)
Click here to see a video of JoJo at the 2006 American Eventing Championships!
Click here to see a video of JoJo driving.What a versatile horse!
9/29/13 - Update from Laurie - "JoJo is still a saint. We had our annual Horsemasters Fossils over Fences CT and we did beginner novice. She showed em how to do it! Her jumping was flawless and her dressage wasn't bad either! 28.5! We got three 8s!"

5/16/12 - Update from Laurie - "Last week I went with Patricia Roberts to school at CHP on one of their open schooling days. Jo Jo was terrific and I am getting braver. She didn't look twice at some funny looking jumps like a train engine. But of all things, I liked cantering through the water the best; I just love how they pick their feet up and it makes that awesome sound. We did an up bank to a log jump that scared the crap out of me last year and no problem this time."

10/2/11 - Update from Laurie - "Jo Jo won us a blue ribbon today in a combined test that we do with Horsemasters (old ladies Pony Club). The event is called Fossils over Fences - LOL. We did beginner Novice class and she won! She had a nice dressage test, and There were a couple jumps at 2'6 - she didn't touch one of them. I just love her confidence over fences."

6/18/11 - Update from Laurie - "I went to a hunter/jumper clinic today (Maryann Charles was the trainer). Jo Jo was SO good - she perked right up even in the heat when she saw that we were going to jump. We did a small course at the end and I was pretty wiped out but happy. Some people even wanted to know if she was for sale!! I think it's hard to find a horse that goes right to every fence you point them at in an eager but calm way!! I just LOVE her...And you taught her to load so well she just marches right onto the trailer every time. She sends her love"

4/17/11 - Update from Laurie and Jo Jo - "Hey Hather - Jo Jo and I won a class at a hunter schooling show - 2 foot over fences!!! I am so excited and happy!"

11/7/10 - Update from Laurie - "Just to let you know that we got some great scores at the recent Fenridge dressage show. We were part of a four-woman four horse Quadrille team - and our first public basic Quadrille test to music earned us a 77.4%!!!!!!  This test is scored on spacing of the horses and synchrony of their movements and the judge gave us a standing ovation.  We have been practicing for at least 6 months. Also - Jo Jo got us a 66% on Training Level test 3!  I am so proud of her for that.  We got an 8 on our last halt/salute - isn't that nice!!!"

9/19/10 - Update from Laurie on her first combined training with Jo Jo - "Hey Heather - I just wanted you to know Jo Jo and I did a CT at Fenridge.  I wish I could say we won a blue ribbon, but Mama Laurie had a senior moment and went off course so we were eliminated- however we managed to jump all the jumps (Maiden) and actually had a good dressage score (38) - good for me anyway."

7/5/10 - Note from Laurie after a recent cross country schooling session between myself, Jo Jo and Laurie: "Hi Heather - Jo Jo and I had a blast last week!  It gave us both some confidence - me especially." Jo Jo is looking fabulous - Laurie keeps her fat and happy. I couldn't have asked for a better owner for one of my best horses ever!

Update from Laurie (10/27/08): Hi Heather! Hope all is well at Castle Farm...We have started jumping! She [Jojo] is such a good girl...She is healthy and happy and we are NOT looking forward to colder winters here, but my barn has a nice big indoor!!! I've attached a couple of pictures - one is us at a dressage clinic (not great resolution) one is just her out in the sun.

Update from Laurie Betts (4/18/08):Jo Jo and I are safely in Pennsylvania. She has adjusted well to her new place - I just had Brewster haul her up here early this week, and I rode her today for the first time and she was a good girl. Of course she is still kinda like a deer in the headlights but everyone there likes her already. She is turned out with some other mares and was not any trouble to integrate.

Update on Jo Jo from Laurie Betts (12/9/07): Hey Heather - The Walkers had a little schooling Combined Training show yesterday. Me and Jo did a maiden with our very first ever jump course (very low jumps but a lot of them in a row for me). WE had only had one lesson with Brewster several days before and I really didn't think I was ready, but she was such a pro and didn't try anything at all naughty - just point and shoot pretty much. I was SO happy with her and it gave me so much confidence.

Update on Jo Jo (11/19/07: Hey Heather - Hope all is well. Jo Jo and I did pretty well at Dressage at Latta, and I had a blast. . . we got a second, a third and a fourth ribbon. Two of our scores were 64 and 65 -the 4th place was 59 - I was kinda tired for the last one so I didn't get as much energy as I should have. All walk-trot tests, but we schooled some canter while we were there. Latta is gorgeous and very low-key and everyone was so nice. She behaved herself very well and she loves to be braided and pampered. Happy Thanksgiving and I have attached a picture of us after our test. She is giving the Jo Jo eye!!

Jo was Heather's personal eventing horse. While she was at Castle Farm, she excelled in english pleasure, dressage, jumping, driving, and foxhunting. When she left, she was under saddle for eventing, and was consistently listed in the Paint Alternative Competition (PAC) listings for combined training as well as dressage. In September 2006, Heather and Jo qualified and competed at the American Eventing Championships. Jo Jo was sold to Laurie Betts. Laurie will be keeping JoJo in training with Judy and Brewster Walker of Station Hill Farm in Cedar Grove, NC for several months. After that, look for Jo in the dressage and combined training show ring again!

(Photo by unknown)
Name: QTs Crown Jewel
AKA: "Jewel"
Stats: 2002 APHA Sorrel and White Mare
Owned by: Jordyn Dunson
Major: Jordyn's first horse, lessons, great for beginners!
Graduated: June 2006 (she was sold to Southern Oaks where she continues to give riding lessons)

Jewel was born here at Castle Farm and was raised here for several years. She was first sold to Jordyn Dunson as her first horse. She was able to stay at Castle Farm and was enjoyed by many kids in the lesson program. Jordyn's time with her was unfortunately short lived. She had to sell her. Jewel now resides at Southern Oaks farm in Raleigh. Jordyn visits her every once in a while. We have recently heard from one of the girls who rides her and loves her. You can click here to check out her comments about Jewel.

(Photo by unknown)
Name: Starbrighte
AKA: "Star"
Stats: 1988 Morgan/Welsh liver chestnut Mare
Owned by: Kelsey Crowe
Major: Kelsey's first horse, lessons, jumping phenom!
Graduated: June 2006

Star arrived at Castle Farm as Kelsey's first pony. She was definitely a handful, but Kelsey managed and became a better rider for it. For those who could ride her, she was a lot of fun. She was speedy and loved to jump high! Unfortunately, Star had to leave Castle Farm when Kelsey and her family moved too far away. She was later given away to a family that kept her mainly as a pasture mate for their other horse and an occasional leadline pony.

(Photo by Chris King)
Name: Aqulia de Martita
AKA: "Marti"
Stats: 1990 APHA bay tobiano mare
Major: hunter/jumper pony, lesson pony
Graduated: February 2006 (sold to Sue Priest)
2000 NCAHA High Point Hunt Seat Champion
2003 Carolina Fall Classic Large Pony Reserve Driving Champion
**Update on Marti 12/7/11: "Hey Heather, Thanks for keeping us in the horse loop! I just wanted to tell you Marti is enjoying retirement! We purchased the property adjacent to us and so it has doubled her pasture so she is loving being the queen of it all. She is still the same character she has always been and you cannot tell her age. Everyone who meets her assumes she is the youngest of the herd. She kicks up her heals with the best of them! Thanks for such a wonderful horse. You will never have to worry about her, she is a permanent resident here, spoiled and loved......she was the best purchase ever! Have a Merry Christmas!" -Sue Priest

**Update on Marti: "I hope this letter catches you doing well. I just thought I would send you an updated photo of Marti. We have had a slow show season...busy with other things, but caught time to attend a show in Parkton 2 weeks ago. She came away with 6 Blue, 2 seconds, 1 third, and 2 Grand Champions. We were thrilled. She has finally made that connection with my youngest daughter and they are a great little team. We will be at the State Fair Show again this year, so hopefully we'll see you there." -Sue Priest

**Update from the new owners: "I know it's been a while but I wanted to just send you an updated photo of Marti and to let you know she is still doing great. We qualified for the state horse show on her again this year and we were hoping to catch up with you there, but we didn't have any luck. Anyway, here is a photo from the district show and one from this past week at State, as you can see she is as beautiful as ever. I may be visiting you again soon, we're looking for a younger taller oldest daughter is looking at eventing, keep us in mind if you come across anything." -Sue Priest

Out of the great Q Ton Eagle bloodlines, Marti has been a successful show horse her entire life, from halter shows as a yearling to blue-ribbon jumping as an adult. She has a great temperament, and is a very calm schooling horse. Marti is also a great broodmare, and produced several quality foals when she was with Castle Farm. (Click here to see her foals!)

(Photo by Heather King)
Name: Cheyenne's Teacup
AKA: "Cheyenne"
Stats: 1993 APHA Bay/White tobiano mare
Major: WTC and jumping lessons, eventing
Graduated: January 2006 (sold to Rhonda Crosby)

Cheyenne was a 15 hh mare, very sweet disposition, easy to handle. She was used for walk/trot/canter lessons, and was very successful at jumping, especially cross country. She made a fabulous eventing horse while at Castle Farm, competing up to Novice level.

(Photo and inset by Chris King)
Name: Owen
AKA: "Owen"
Stats: 1990 Quarter Horse/Arab cross gelding
Major: children and adult lessons, Hindu weddings
Graduated: June 2004 (sold to Debbie Hanley)

Owen was another of our solid lesson horses. Owen worked well as a medium-sized lesson horse for our younger riders as well as our more experienced students.

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